terça-feira, 25 de março de 2008

ai ai como eu adoro compor musicas que eu nunca vou gravar!

kidnapped by your eyes

sometimes we find the right person
at the wrong time.
and maybe everyone should ask why
somethings we said should not be listen
and other things we know should've been told

so why can't i reach your hair?
can you please tell me what to do there?
if we were alone
if we were just talking about
things that should've happened
and things we should've done.

and now i'm here waiting
for something to come
and now i'm here wondering
if you've been wondering about me too

la la la la la laa la la la lala
la la la la la laa la la lala

and now i'm here wondering...

i can only see your eyes through some pictures
and i can't feel your smell.
i can only talk to you through words we cannot hear
so how can you love me the way i love you?

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